Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Women Electrocuted While Trying to Help at Crash Scene in Los Angeles

This is an unbelievably sad story, at the Los Angeles Times, "Two women fatally electrocuted trying to help at crash scene":
Irma Zamora's husband urged her not to get out of the car as they approached the scene of a spectacular traffic crash in Los Angeles' Valley Village neighborhood. But as he pulled over to call 911, she rushed out anyway, eager to help.

A sport utility vehicle had just careened through the intersection of Magnolia Boulevard and Ben Avenue, shearing off a concrete light standard and knocking over a fire hydrant before coming to rest on a front lawn. Water spewed skyward from the broken hydrant and quickly pooled in the intersection.

Zamora ran toward the wrecked SUV and stepped into an electrified pool of water. She was immediately –- and fatally — electrocuted, struck by what firefighters estimate was 48,000 volts of electricity.
A second woman died while trying to help Ms. Zamora. There's also a video report at NBC Los Angeles, "Councilman: Valley Village Electrocution Was Moment of 'Tragedy, Heroism'."