Saturday, August 25, 2012

'Republican Women for Obama' Aren't Republican

Well, at least one of the women in this ad isn't Republican, and none of them are conservative. Also really misleading is the argument that if you're for "small government" you should vote for Obama, since he won't deprive you of your right to abort your baby in the 9th month of pregnancy. Family values, you know.

As I was saying yesterday about how stupid these people are, via Hot Air, "Busted: “Republican” woman in Obama ad has been a registered Democrat since 2006."

Watch the ad here.

This lady below, featured in the ad, is Maria-Ciano Adrian-Dillingham. There's perhaps also one other "Republican" imposter. John Hinderaker scoped out Ms. Maria on Facebook. Check out her "likes":

Maria Ciano
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Shayzus, she's a freakin' communist!

"Republican Women for Obama." More like "Marxist-Leninist Women Shilling for Obama"!