Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh My! New CNN Poll Shows Romney Topping Obama 48-to-45 Among Likely Independent Voters!

Shoot, this is getting to be "Oh My!" Friday.

Here's this from CNN, "CNN Poll: Obama 49%-Romney 47% among likely voters." And the survey sampled likely voters:

With three days to go until the start of the Republican convention, President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney remain deadlocked in the race for the White House, according to a new national survey.

A CNN/ORC International poll released Friday also indicates Romney's favorable rating among those likely to vote in the presidential election is in the same ballpark as the president's, and the survey also points to a slightly higher level of enthusiasm for Republicans than Democrats.

According to the poll, 49% of likely voters say they're backing Obama, with 47% supporting Romney. The two point margin is within the survey's sampling error, meaning the race is a statistical tie....

In the horserace, 48% of likely voters who are independents say they support Romney, with 45% backing Obama. The gender gap and generational divides seen in polling so far this cycle continue, with the president holding a 54%-42% lead among female likely votes and Romney holding a 53%-43% lead among male likely voters. Obama has a 55%-43% advantage among those under 50, with Romney holding a 50%-45% margin among likely voters 50 and older.
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In recent polling, some analysts have stressed how Romney needed to close the likability gap. He's done that now, but then analysts --- Ronald Brownstein this afternoon, in this case --- said that Romney needed to appeal to suburban women voters, with the implication that today's "birther" joke was simply preaching to the choir. The joke was meant for the media, not the conservative base. Romney was looking to throw a monkey wrench into the Democrat-Media-Complex meme-machine before the RNC kicks off over the weekend. In any event, Romney's on the tall side of the margin of error with those independents, and the convention might help draw a few more over to the GOP --- even a few women, come to think of it. Wait until they hear Mrs. Romney speak. She's a knockout.

And AoSHQ has some queries and conjectures, "CNN Poll of Likely Voters: Obama's Ahead (Huh?) 49-47 (MoE); But Romney's Favorables at 50%":
John King said that Romney "stepped on" this good news with his Birth Certificate joke.

I wonder if Romney didn't do that on purpose. Since our unserious, unprofessional, unintelligent, partisan press is determined to talk about distractions (given that all substance favors Romney), why not give them a distraction of your own choosing?

If the choice is between Rape!!! and Birth Certificate, isn't it better to talk about Obama's Birth Certificate? Neither is what Romney wants to talk about, but the press is determined to only report on irrelevancies; so give them one that doesn't much hurt you.

Anyway, the poll. It's a deadlock, the 2% lead statistically meaningless. Romney leads independents 48-45 (which itself is statistically meaningless).
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Oh, and the poll found that 83 percent thought that abortion should be legal in the case of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother --- which is another way of saying there's a massive pro-life majority out there willing to make exceptions. Meanwhile, the Democrats dropped the "rare" standard from their party's previous doctrine of "safe, legal, and rare." The pro-infanticide progressives simply don't give a f-ck about the lives of unborn children:
The DNC platform supports all abortion and does not contain any language opposing partial-birth abortion, nor does it distinguish that practice from first-trimester abortion. It is the official position of the Democratic Party to not only be able to shove the scissors into the skulls of newborns and suck out their brains — they don't even pretend to harbor the expectation that the practice be "rare."
Baby-killing progressives --- the party of President Infanticide. It's like a f-king holocaust with these ghouls.

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