Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC Derangement Syndrome

At Michelle's, "RNC Derangement Syndrome and the demise/dementia of the neutrality posers":
The media crazy train is standing room only.

As the GOP and the Right have gotten better and better at telling their stories and pushing back against progressive narratives, the gate-keepers who once held a monopoly on controlling the airwaves and printing presses have become more than unhinged.

They’ve become completely untethered from rationality:

- sloshing on the whitewash in a desperate attempt to stifle minority Republican voices;
- invoking RAAAAAAACIISSSM at every turn;
- circling their biased wagons for their hapless colleagues;
- dripping with open contempt; and
- spinning like tropical storms while posing as neutral fact-checkers.

2012 is the year that MSM “fact checker” officially became a punch line.

We’ve been heading towards this moment for some time, of course. For two decades in my newspaper column and nearly a decade on this website, we and the growing Right Media have chronicled the demise and dementia of the objectivity posers from Rathergate to the attempted media crucification of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and all points in between.

This year, more than ever thanks to social media (including an army of Twitter conservatives and a weaponized generation of citizen journalists/fact-reclaimers inspired by Andrew Breitbart), the lapdogs’ insanity and pretenses have been met with effective exposure, resistance, mockery, and disarmament.

More at the link.

And ICYMI, Guy Benson had the best piece pushing back against the left's bullsh*t "Paul Ryan lied" meme. See, "Obama Camp Melts Down Over Ryan's Speech."

More later.

I'll be embedding some of tonight's speeches from the convention. Mitt's going to rock it!