Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Outrage! Human Rights Campaign Censors Transgender Activist and Queer DREAMer at SCOTUS Gay Marriage Rally

And you'd think they'd be sensitive to marginalized minorities.

The jerks!

HRC is a racist, bigoted hegemonic anti-civil rights oppressor of transgendered, queer alien DREAMers!

At BuzzFeed, "With Apology, LGBT Rights Group Seeks to Avoid Reopening Old Wounds."

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We don’t want tolerance, acceptance, and acknowledgement from straight people. We want real, systemic change because we, as queers, understand that the systemic crises of normativity, capitalism, and imperialism are linked to all forms of oppression. Sexism, racism, classism, able-ism, ageism, nationalism, homophobia—these are all interlinked and intertwined with each other because of our racist and classist education system, unequal access to jobs, recruitment of poor people of color in to the military, religious fundamentalism as a profit motive, corporate tyranny, the napoleon complex (police brutality), violence, threats of violence, and most of all, straight white males dominating the world economy through exploitation, lies, deceit, and an iron fist.

Don’t believe me? Ever been to a low-income neighborhood? Is it just a coincidence that the demographic is dominantly people of color? Are they lazy? Can you work 3 jobs and over 80 hours a week at minimum wage to feed a family of 4 and be lazy? Have you wondered why a majority of the top 100 richest people in the world are white males? Are all white males just hard working people, miles ahead of the rest? Have you wondered why a CEO makes a $4,000,000,000 bonus even when they fire 30% of their company and their stocks fail? Ever wonder why our prisons are filled with people of color who are then used for slave labor for companies like Dell computers? Ever wonder why women are raped and then blamed for their own raping because they were “promiscuous” or “asking for it”? Of course the gay and lesbian movement doesn’t. They just want acceptance. Tolerance. They just want straight people to like them so they can ignore the issues facing people below them on the social totem pole, even if it is within their own community (the sexually and gender-presenting deviant). They just want to get married, serve in the military, and have a (white) family.

The gay and lesbian movement is run by the rich, white, gay (and sometimes lesbian) community who are ignorant (and insensitive) to issues facing the majority of the marginalized communities, especially their own. Or maybe they’re just selfish, greedy assholes who don’t really care about the entire community but a tiny, elitist sliver of it. A queer teenager is four times likelier to commit suicide. In New York, 20-40% of homeless youth are LGBT identified who were kicked out of their homes after coming out (that’s over 150,000 high school kids and younger in New York alone). Lack of healthcare makes transitioning almost impossible for lower-income transgender individuals (it’s still legal to discriminate against transgender or gender variant people in the workplace, how are you supposed to obtain a high income job?). Oh but the gay and lesbian movement doesn’t fucking care, they just want a property tax cut so they can make even more absurd amounts of money for themselves and gain some sort of fa├žade of legitimacy in the court of law. They want to see their loved ones in the hospital when thousands of queers and people of color are dying because of lack of health care and basic resources needed to survive. They want to increase hate crime legislation to lock up more people of color in to the prison industrial complex to increase their property values and “clean up the streets.” And we are all standing by, cheering these people on and celebrating victories of prop 8 and DADT at the expense of people of color, youth, working class people, sex workers, and transgender people (which HRC decides to blatantly exclude from most of their politics)?! What the fuck?

The gay and lesbian movement are the same people who are running the mainstream magazines, the ones who have sold your identity off to big corporations to exploit you in to a niche (profitable) market (oh the gays love their designer bags oh and loafers are so chic now, all the gays wear them), the ones who make you feel ashamed about your gender non-conformity by blasting you with images of what a male and female body should look like, the same people who make you feel uncomfortable and insecure in “queer-friendly” spaces because they are racist, classist, or non body-positive...
So true! That reminds me of Jasmyne Cannick, "No-on-8's white bias":
The first problem with Proposition 8 was the issue of marriage itself. The white gay community never successfully communicated to blacks why it should matter to us above everything else -- not just to me as a lesbian but to blacks generally. The way I see it, the white gay community is banging its head against the glass ceiling of a room called equality, believing that a breakthrough on marriage will bestow on it parity with heterosexuals. But the right to marry does nothing to address the problems faced by both black gays and black straights. Does someone who is homeless or suffering from HIV but has no healthcare, or newly out of prison and unemployed, really benefit from the right to marry someone of the same sex?

Maybe white gays could afford to be singularly focused, raising millions of dollars to fight for the luxury of same-sex marriage. But blacks were walking the streets of the projects and reaching out to small businesses, gang members, convicted felons and the spectrum of an entire community to ensure that we all were able to vote.
Go tell it on the mountain baby.

Down with HRC!