Friday, May 24, 2013

Abu Nusaybah, Friend of #Woolwich Attack Suspect Michael Adebolajo, Arrested After Appearing on BBC's Newsnight

At Telegraph UK, "Friend of Woolwich attack suspect arrested moments after BBC interview":
A friend of Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebolajo has been arrested at BBC studios after giving an interview claiming MI5 tried to recruit the fanatic.
As soon as the interview was over three members of special branch arrived at the studio and held Abu Nusaybah, the corporation reported.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a 31-year-old man had been arrested under the terrorism act and was being questioned. Two adressed in east London were being raided, they said.

The Muslim, who has known Adebolajo since they met in Romford in 2002 before they both converted to the faith, has been vocal about the Woolwich attack on social networking sites. .

He has made a number of unverified accusations, including that six months ago Adebolajo told him he was tortured and sexually assaulted by Kenyan troops when he travelled to the country and refused to answer their questions.

When asked how he could have changed from the “gentle” man he described into one capable of carrying out the attacks, Mr Nusaybah told Newsnight: “I believe that these certain events that happened to him recently kind of had an impact in shaping that change.
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