Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is This the Face of Tolerance in Europe?

I hope not, at Der Spiegel, "EU Survey Shows Widespread Homophobia in Europe."

Of course, "homophobia" is a fictitious term. If it's anything, it's plain hatred straight up.

That's Christopher Bryant below, via Independent UK, "Gay couple beaten in park urge MPs to moderate language on gay marriage."

And back stateside, there's also no such thing as a "hate crime." But the left gets more mileage out of the attacks, like the one last week in New York. See, "Killing in Greenwich Village Looks Like Hate Crime, Police Say." And the Daily Beast works the exploitation angle like a Stradivarius, "New York Shooting Highlights Surge in Hate Crimes." There's no evidence for the "surge," actually. But facts don't matter for progressives (too inconvenient), so they go for emotionalism and lies.

Beat them at the polls. They're progressive losers and idiot social outcasts. Don't freakin' beat them. Sheesh.

Christopher Bryant photo Screen_Shot_2013-05-20_at_130825_zps2512cd9c.png