Saturday, May 25, 2013

Atlantic Magazine's Bogus, Pernicious Meme That Homosexual 'Marriages' are 'Happier Than' Traditional Marriages

Here's the cover story at the June issue of the Atlantic, "The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss."

It's based on questionable research carefully cherry-picked to privilege homosexual marriage over the centuries-old institution of marriage between one man and one woman. It would take a paragraph by paragraph fisking to really deconstruct the lies here, and I have no interest in doing so, because truth doesn't matter in this debate --- that is, truth doesn't matter to progressives who'll use any means necessary to leverage their violent, nihilistic agenda. The large-N studies highlighted at the piece provide no actual evidence in support of the author's thesis. It's only conjecture and unsupportable extrapolation. Moreover, the piece takes as given the leftist assumption that traditional gender roles are destructive and evil. Thus, since homosexual "marriages" are same-gender marriages, voila!, the so-called "problem" of "unequal" gender roles in traditional marriages is solved. Just get rid of "opposite sex" gender roles! It's pretty despicable. But nothing is beneath the Marxist collectivists working endlessly to destroy the family as the foundation of society and the rock of traditional culture. Just read it at the link. This is the direction society is heading, as some polls show an increasing tolerance of same-sex marriages. Of course, the Atlantic's working the refs with this piece, in any case, getting it out in early June just in time for the Supreme Court's potentially blockbuster homosexual marriage ruling later this month.

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