Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stealth Marxist Eric Garcetti Wins Los Angeles Mayor's Race

Here's the Los Angeles Times article from February highlighting Garcetti's Marxist years at Columbia, "The L.A. City Council member and mayoral candidate was a committed young progressive known on campus for gliding between different worlds and liberal causes.

And now he's won election to City Hall, "Garcetti beats Greuel: Councilman big in central L.A., does well in the Valley."

Here's the headline at Capital News from the other day, "Menshevik vs. Bolshevik for L.A. Mayor—Greuel vs. Garcetti."

Well, Bolshevik is more appropriate for Garcetti than the writer probably intends. The dude was in all the "correct" progressive causes in college. He's spent his years since pulling off an Obama-style transformation to "political moderate."

You gotta root these people out, freakin' anti-American thugs.