Thursday, May 23, 2013

Piers Morgan Bans Dana Loesch From His Show Over 'Glib' London Beheading Tweet

Mediaite, with a good amount of leftist spin, reports:
It’s hard to believe it, but CNN’s Piers Morgan was shocked to learn, Wednesday night, that conservative radio host and frequent Piers Morgan Tonight guest Dana Loesch says things that are horrible and/or make absolutely no sense. Loesch tweeted “Was the guy with the machete a member of the NRA?”, a reference to one of the two men who murdered a British soldier in what has been described as a terrorist attack in London today. Morgan chastised Loesch for being “glib” about the soldier’s death, and later announced that he was banning the conservative provocateur from his show.
The exchange is at the link.

There followed one of the more vicious and vile left-wing feeding frenzies I've seen. These ghouls were bloodthirsty, "'Drop dead, you C*NT': Vicious lefties attack Dana Loesch for believing in self-defense."

I had a brief exchange with Dana, offering words of support: