Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Student Behavior Matters

A great letter at the Los Angeles Times:
Re "Rule on defiant students revised," May 15

The Los Angeles Unified School District's ban on student suspensions for "willful defiance" reminded me of when I was observing class as a requirement for my teaching credential roughly 40 years ago.

The teacher I was observing sent a defiant student out of the room. Not having had a classroom of my own yet, I still believed everything I had been told in my teacher training classes.

After class, I questioned the instructor, noting that the student sent out of the classroom wasn't learning anything. Her reply: "Yes, but the rest of my students are."

My question was off-base. The student was learning that there are consequences.

Doreen Lorand
It's mind-boggling how much common sense is out there, but the sick progressives push their disgusting "restorative justice" on the schools, and everyone's too damned PC to push back against such leftist abominations.

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