Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Stop #IRS Abuse of Power': Tea Party Swarms Santa Ana on National Day of Protest

Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly organized today's IRS protest in downtown Santa Ana.

I made it down there a little after Noon and hundreds of patriots were lining the sidewalks to demonstrate their outrage with this criminal clusterf-k administration.

Out on Civic Center Drive, Councilwoman Pauly protests the tyranny, at right:

Santa Ana IRS photo photo46_zps50cf9ce0.jpg

"Stop IRS Abuse of Power":

Santa Ana IRS photo photo56_zpsca3b45d9.jpg

More patriots:

Santa Ana IRS photo photo113_zpsb68ae3c6.jpg

Santa Ana IRS photo photo38_zps47d2edcf.jpg

Santa Ana IRS photo photo210_zpse91aa696.jpg

IRS Santa Ana photo photo41_zpse8a0571d.jpg

More patriots on the North side of the street:

Santa Ana IRS photo photo112_zpsb1ed1cb5.jpg

Santa Ana IRS photo photo39_zps263dc0be.jpg

IRS Santa Ana photo photo40_zpsbc94240f.jpg

Santa Ana IRS photo photo47_zps9fd9692c.jpg

Santa Ana IRS photo photo57_zps004b6025.jpg

And more on the protests from around the country, at Michelle Malkin's, "Photos from IRS protests around the country today."

And at Director Blue, "40 PHOTOS: Conservatives March on the IRS Building; IRS Agents Respond by Mocking Protesters."

Also at London's Daily Mail, "Angry tea partiers rally at IRS headquarters in Washington with stern warnings: 'They're going to have to produce all the documents' on targeting scandal."

Instapundit has huge roundups here (in Tennessee) and here (nationwide).

More at Instapundit, "AP: Protesters Rally Over IRS’ Tea Party Scrutiny," and "VIDEO: TEA PARTY PATRIOTS PROTEST OUTSIDE IRS."

Drop your protest inks in the comments and I'll update...

UPDATE: Instapundit links. Thanks!