Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adam Kokesh Arrested: So-Called Gun Rights Activist is Actually Anarcho-Communist Dirtbag

The media's calling the loser a "gun rights" activist, but Kokesh is about as far left as you can be.

For example, "Media Portrays Communist Front Group ‘Iraq Veterans Against the War’ Occupiers as America Lovin’ G.I. Joes…" And, "Help Wanted: Peace Mom Replacement."

But see the Washington Times, "Activist arrested after loading shotgun in Freedom Plaza." And the Washington Post, "Adam Kokesh charged with possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms."

Also at This Ain't Hell..., "Kokesh’s drug caper." (And check the archives there, which feature years of entries on Kokesh.)

ADDED: At the Other McCain, "Notorious Bush-Era Anti-War Protester Adam Kokesh Busted on Drug Charge."