Monday, July 1, 2013

Foreskin Equality Now!

Here's the Facebook page for Foreskin Pride's NYC Annual Pride March - Intactivist Contingent.

And watch the group's (NSFW) video --- a beauty of a calling card! --- "Foreskin Pride Salute - World Premiere - Vancouver, August 5 2012."

Foreskin Pride photo 996519_10201467434027886_1580491082_n_zpsb0f0624f.jpg

Pants optional!
Intactivists, including representatives from Intact America, will gather in the New York City Pride March to SPREAD THE WORD that EVERY person has the right to an intact body. Intact America is proud to honor those in the gay rights movement who stand with us in the fight to end the brutality of circumcision.

PREVIOUSLY: "Homosexual Marriage is War on Society," and "After #DOMA Ruling, Much Work to Be Done for Statutory Rape Equality."