Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Los Angeles Vows to Crack Down on Lawless Rioters

Because, it's all "peaceful" protesters misunderstanding the meaning of "riots," or something.

Police don't "crack down" on protesters, since people have rights. We're having violent unrest, race riots, but ohhh! Don't say that word or, wait! Look over there! No "mass" riots, or anything. BWAHAHA!!

From Blankstein:

And earlier, "Idiot Leftists Define Race Riots Down."

Leftists are scum communist dirtbags whose entire lives are about pushing revolutionary disinformation campaigns to destroy the public order. Language is the means of success for these criminals, for if nothing is a "race riot" then you can burn down the entire f-king while our fool-for-public-officials cave to the despicable political correctness.

It's time to pop some faces, mf's.