Monday, July 15, 2013

The Left's Pathetic Temper Tantrum Over the #Zimmerman Verdict

This excellent. Rush is so calm and descriptive, clearly explaining that the left's been getting pretty much everything it wants nowadays, with the homosexual marriage rulings being the most recent example. Leftists didn't like that 7 million voters approved Prop. 8 in California, so they just overturned it, with corrupt strong-arm tactics. So they get used to it. But when a jury of six residents down there in Sanford refused to swallow the left's big lie of "racism" in the death of Trayvon Martin, they're in shock, throwing hissy fits in disbelief that the jury didn't swallow the wall of institutional racism propaganda.

And then, toward the end of the audio clip here below, Rush cites Robert Stacy McCain's article this morning at the American Spectator, "How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death." They've got a screen-cap of the piece at the transcript, "The Left Throws a Temper Tantrum Over the Zimmerman Verdict."

Needless to say this is a significant accomplishment for Robert, getting this important bit of reporting into the national news stream. See the reports on this, and the CWCD, at the Other McCain, "Miami-Dade Schools Could Have Saved Travyon Martin’s Life by Arresting Him," and "Mega-Dittos, @RushLimbaugh! Credit Where Credit Is Due and More Questions."