Thursday, July 4, 2013

Toll of Unchecked Immigration in Britain

At London's Daily Mail, "True toll of mass migration on UK life: Half of Britons suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS and housing":
Yesterday, seven men including illegal immigrants were arrested in West London as part of a series of immigration raids on properties where migrants were living in out-houses.

On crime, the study found that some groups, such as failed asylum seekers who could not be sent home and jobless eastern Europeans, were ‘disproportionately involved in crimes like shoplifting and disorderly behaviour’.

However, it added that destitute Britons were also likely to be ‘disproportionately’ involved in these offences.

Police said it was clear that some migrants who entered the UK on a student visa were not actually studying and were instead working illegally.

Mass Migration photo BOR13U4CYAAZYKc_zps8b31fca3.jpg