Friday, January 17, 2014

BBC Spent Tens of Thousands to Cover Up Network's Green Propaganda Training for Top Executives

That's tens of thousands of pounds, which are still trading at almost 2-to-1 against the dollar.

See London's Daily Mail, "BBC's six-year cover-up of secret 'green propaganda' training for top executives."

And now over at IBD, "Dems Want Networks to Manipulate Climate Coverage Like BBC":
Junk Science: Senate Democrats want TV networks to promote climate-change hysteria and follow the lead of Britain's state broadcasting company, which sent its top executives to a green propaganda training seminar.

The mainstream media, long a house organ for Democrats, are about to come under pressure by Senate Democrats led by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, who are gathering signatures from colleagues on a letter to the networks telling them they're ignoring global warming, according to a report in the National Journal.

They are seeking to impose sort of a climate change "fairness doctrine" designed to ignore inconvenient truths about climate researchers getting stuck in Antarctic ice that was supposed to have melted in favor of the gospel according to Al Gore.

"It is beyond my comprehension that you have ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, that their Sunday shows have discussed climate change in 2012, collectively, for all of eight minutes," Sanders said, citing analysis by the leftist George Soros-linked Media Matters for America, which promotes media bias while claiming to fight it.

"Sunday news shows are obviously important because they talk to millions of people, but they go beyond that by helping to define what the establishment considers to be important and what is often discussed during the rest of the week," he said.

Certainly the Obama administration believes that, having sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice out to lie about the Benghazi terrorist attack on five Sunday talk shows.

What Sanders wants is for the major networks to become a forum for uncontested green propaganda as the British Broadcasting Corp. has become on the other side of the pond...
So disgusting.