Monday, January 6, 2014

Enough! Stand Up to Harassment and Stalking — Block and Report Walter James Casper in 2014

Recall from last year, "Ban, Block and Report Walter James Casper III in 2013."

It's been exactly one year and this vile POS continues to stalk my blog and Twitter feed, and he continues to stalk the comments at this blog despite being banned for abuse years ago.

The leftists are on defense as their statist-collectivist project continues to go implode before our eyes. But as we saw with the widely ridiculed piece on Millennial socialism at Rolling Stone, far leftists are not shy about outing themselves as full-blown communists these days, no doubt emboldened after 5 year of the most radical president in American history.

As I pointed out last year, Walter James Casper III, a.k.a. Repsac3, is an ideological communist who uses stealth to hide his agenda, attack political enemies, and harass people online. Numerous friends of American Power have denounced Casper as hardline harasser and communist ideologue. He's basically a dirtbag and a loser.

And now I come to find out he and his blog henchmen have been stalking some of my blog allies on Twitter. People are not pleased and folks should expect an epic beatdown.

I'll update later.

Meanwhile, report Walter James Casper III to the appropriate authorities should he target you with his demonic hatred and harassment. This person is truly vile. Recall the Vox Day's comment on truly useless blog trolls:
Vox Popoli is not, and will never be, an echo chamber. There are not, and will never be, any topics that are definitively outside the scope of permissible intellectual discourse ... The only commenters whose participation I will not tolerate is those who repeatedly lie, who demonstrate proven intellectual dishonesty, and who simply refuse to admit it when someone else has publicly shown them to be wrong. If you are not at least capable of acknowledging that you could be wrong about an idea, no matter how near and dear it is to you, then you will probably be better served commenting at a place where your ideas will not be questioned or criticized.
That description fits racist Repsac3 to the letter, and that's why he was banned years ago. The POS defied my wishes and announced a "troll rights" theory to justify his obsession with this blog and his hatred of the moral clarity of American Power. He's a cancer. And the asshole still has the sickness.

More later.

And remember, never cave to these f-kers. Leftists are evil. They defy decency and reason. You must crush them with the mailed fist.