Tuesday, January 7, 2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Fractures Pelvis in Ski Accident

She's no spring chicken, so I'm interested to see how her recovery's going to affect her political power and tenure.

At Der Spiegel, "Appointments Cancelled: Merkel Breaks Pelvis in Skiing Accident":
German Chancellor Angela Merkel fractured her pelvis in a skiing accident while on Christmas vacation in Switzerland, her spokesman said Monday. She has cancelled appointments and will have to spend much of the next three weeks lying down.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 59, has cancelled many of her appointments after injuring her pelvis while cross-country skiing in Switzerland during the Christmas break.

"She fell. While cross-country skiing. We think it was at low speed," government spokesman Steffen Seibert said. He said she had suffered "heavy bruising combined with an incomplete fracture of the left rear pelvic ring." Merkel spent her Christmas vacation in the Swiss resort of Engadin.
Also at London's Daily Mail, "German Chancellor Angela Merkel breaks hip while cross-country skiing in Swiss mountains... but only realises days later."

Hip? Pelvis? Here's the skeletal image at Wikipedia. A broken hip is one of the worst injuries for elderly people. Sometimes they never recover. At 59, Merkel's not quite what you'd call elderly, but she's still. It's a dangerous injury.