Monday, January 20, 2014

Lying Liar Wendy Davis Called Out for Lies

This was big yesterday, via TPNN, "Democrat Wendy Davis, Candidate for Governor of Texas, Caught in Major Lies."

And now here's Robert Stacy McCain, "Let’s Slut-Shame @WendyDavisTexas!":
Smitty already took a whack at the Wendy Davis piƱata today, and that’s probably enough Wendy Davis bashing for the week.

She’s so far down in the polls as to be hopelessly doomed. She will lose to Greg Abbott in November without any further help from us.

However, the point of mocking progressive celebrity women is not because such mockery will contribute to their electoral defeat. No, the purpose of deriding Democrat women is to inspire feminists to frothing rage over the alleged sexism of conservatives.
Heh. I love the frothing.

And I love Robert Stacy McCain.