Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Obsessed Hate-Troll Walter James Casper Attacks Mad Jewess with Despicable 'Racist' Smear

I didn't even see it until I was talking to the Mad Jewess on Twitter, but she posted an hilarious smackdown of the vile hate-troll Walter James Casper III, a.k.a, Repsac3.

See, "My Buddy is Being Harassed for YEARS, Now!"

 photo a01a9238-563b-470f-ac13-0a5993c20dfc_zps0bbd13bd.jpg
It's true.

Repsac's been stalking me and this blog for over half a decade. It started before American Power. Repsac was pissed off years ago when he was trolling me at Biobrain's blog, whining about how nobody was responding to him in the comments. It's been like that ever since, and even worse, as Repsac turned into a pathological liar who created a special blog to harass me. He recruited bloggers who attempted to have me fired at my place of employment, even posting all my workplace information with exhortations to call my administration.

Repsac's spent years in pathetic denial trying to wash away the evil. But we know now that his hatred is not only motivated by ideological intolerance but racial hatred as well. Some time back Repsac joined with the Pale Scot to push disgusting racist smears against me that were universally condemned, even by Casper's current bareback interest, Kevin, the main blogger now at the hateful stalk-blog American Nihilist.

So keep that in mind as Racist Repsac is now launching depraved attacks on the Mad Jewess, simply because she had the temerity to stand up and denounce the vile leftist trolling and harassment. He writes, ""Doug's" racist friend ... MadJewessWoman weighs in..."

Totally predictable. The very first thing Racist Repsac does is attack Mad Jewess Woman as "racist." Of course, leftists have the market on racism cornered, most recently seen with Melissa Harris-Perry's despicable attacks on Mitt Romney's black grandchild. I'm astounded sometimes at just how inhuman and horrible these people are --- and that's after being out here for years in beatdown mode on regressive evil. I'm still amazed sometimes.

And Repsac3? What to say? Everything I've ever posted about him is true. He's been repudiated for his harassment over and over again. Skye, Zilla, the Mad Jewess --- just a few people who've stood up and now look, more disgusting racist allegations and obsessive hate-trolling. And dang, Racist Repsac even stalked some dude named Evan Hurst for months, angry that the guy, who was homosexual, was ignoring him on Twitter. Racist Reppy's got it bad. The dude needs help, and bad. And the Mad Jewess ain't gonna take no shit:

Screw him. Screw Walter James Casper III. He's a communist and a loser troll who's been denounced repeatedly across the web but just keeps on coming back because he can't help himself. When no one likes you and your life is a miserable failure, you hunker down in hate and lash out at those with whom you disagree. And have no pity for this f-ker. He'd shovel dirt on you six feet down if he had the chance, the Beelzebub monster.

Pinko commie scum is right.