Monday, January 6, 2014

Rachel Maddow Wears the 'Ideological' Pants at @MSNBC

An outstanding piece from Eliana Johnson, at National Review, "Rachel's Show" (via Memeorandum).

Much of the report is hardly surprising, although it's truly hilarious that MSNBC's marquee ideological programs are leading the network's nosedive in the ratings. Note that she's "neither an executive nor a manager" at MSNBC, but the programmatic direction is all Maddow. And I love this quote:
Maddow ... is motivated by ideology. “If you debate for a living, you’re going to lose sometimes. Sometimes your preconceptions are wrong — that has never happened to her one time,” says a former colleague. “She is actually not that interested in reality; she is the most ideological person I’ve ever met. That is not somebody you want in charge of your programming, because she might put on a great show, but she cannot make rational decisions — her agenda is changing America. . . . She really thinks she is changing America for the better. You can’t have somebody like that in charge of your programming.”
That's unsourced, but Maddow's a pathological liar whose show is a festival of conspiracies about conservatives and the GOP. It's no wonder the network's circling the drain.

More at Weasel Zippers, "MSNBC Appoints Executive to Review Scripts Before Airtime In Bid to Stop Rash of Jaw-Dropping Gaffes…," and NewsBusters, "Suicide Prevention? MSNBC Has Appointed Executive to Review Scripts Before Airtime."