Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unhinged Leftists Escalate 'Google Bus' Protests to Home of Driverless Car Designer Anthony Levandowski

This isn't legitimate political protest. It's ideological harassment and intimidation. And for what? Because the guy commutes 45 miles to work at Google? Because he works on self-driving cars? The horrors.

I mean, they not only launched an insane protest at the guy's home, but they doxed his street address and photo online at Indy Bay?

Behold the Luddites of today's sociopathic left. At the Los Angeles Times, "'Google Bus' protests escalate as activists target employee's home":

 photo c98be5bb-06e4-4823-a03a-b76110b6ea60_zps87e4ba71.jpg
SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay Area protests against technology companies got very personal on Wednesday when activists blocked the driveway of a Google employee's home.

Calling themselves the Counterforce, the protesters showed up on Anthony Levandowski’s doorstep to call attention to the Berkeley resident's work for the military and Google’s “surveillance” techniques.

Levandowski, who works for Google’s X laboratory, where he helped develop Google’s self-driving cars, was recently featured in the New Yorker magazine. In the article, he talked about his 43-mile commute in a Google self-driving car from Berkeley to the Google campus in Mountain View.

Protesters said they rang his doorbell to alert him that they planned to protest Levandowski's work with the defense industry developing “war robots," (Google recently bought Boston Dynamics, a military robotics contractor) and a condo project being built on land he owns in Berkeley.

Then they held a banner in front of his house that read “Google’s Future Stops Here.” They also placed fliers on the windshields of cars that said: “Anthony Levandowski is building an unconscionable world of surveillance, control and automation. He is also your neighbor.”

The protest to block Levandowski’s “personal commute” lasted 45 minutes. The protesters then went to block a Google bus at the BART station on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.

And they issued a warning in an anonymous post on local news site Indybay.

“Our problem is with Google, its pervasive surveillance capabilities utilized by the NSA, the technologies it is developing, and the gentrification its employees are causing in every city they inhabit. But our problem does not stop with Google. All of you other tech companies, all of you other developers and everyone else building the new surveillance state--We're coming for you next.”
And here's Berkeley City Councilman Gordon Wozniak, "It’s one thing to protest against a corporation by demonstrating beside a bus, but going after an individual at his home is a bad escalation." You think?

And at Arstechnica, "Protesters show up at the doorstep of Google self-driving car engineer." From the comments:
Viva La Revolution!


Singling out employees does not change corporate culture. Stalking and attacking individuals is a sure fire way to lose public support. And this odd fixation against self driving cars just strikes me as strange.
Yeah. Strange, and f-king unhinged. Luddite freaks.