Friday, January 10, 2014

Walter James Casper, Hate-Troll and Pathological Liar, Lamely Tries to Score Political Points With Hilarious Make-Believe Abomination

Let me just start by being unequivocally clear: F-k you, Walter James Casper III.

F-k you and the bareback rim station perverts you rode in on. I'm just all torn up about your faux-outrage and political opportunism that, oops, now might be a little over the top and something of which you thought better, you depraved lunatic: "(Edited out... Not something to score points with)..." So, you thought you'd just post this over at the Other McCain's to, what, force conservatives to abandon old Donald?
I defy anyone sane and decent--and that includes some of Donald Douglas' biggest supporters, and especially anyone who has ever been swatted, or who chose to leave their home to protect their family from possible bad behavior by those they blogged about--to say that the post below is not very creepy, or that doxing someone with whom you disagree over the internet is EVER justified.
Oh brother. Talk about a junior high school drama queen. Grow up, Casper, you vile Internet troll and moral reprobate. You posted that to the Other McCain last night, at what, 3:30am eastern time? You think you've been doxed? That would be terrible, you know, to put someone's safety at risk. Just terrible! (Of course, you know first hand about putting people at risk, don't you, you hypocritical creep?)

Repsac3 photo Repsac3_Photo.jpg
Honestly, I don't care what my co-bloggers think or do. They're not being stalked by an obsessive-compulsive hate-troll who's allied with and abetted vicious personal attacks on me, my family, and my livelihood.

Dear readers will note that Repsac's exhortations to contact my workplace are still posted, "DEFAMATION - DONALD STYLE" (which included this attack in its original form):
We know these behaviors all too well, and why some of you bother with this pinhead is beyond me. The Coward is not welcome at The Swash Zone; we delete his comments immediately. More disturbing are the comments and e-mails left by his followers: Profane, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic … worthy of report to the FBI. What to do?

If the Coward or any of his followers harass you online you, contact President [XXXX XXXXXX at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or Executive VP of Academic Affairs [XXXXXX XXXX at (XXX) XXX-XXXX and describe the harassment. For serious online abuse or defamation, there is always this option ([lawsuit] in progress).
This was posted by (O)CT(O)PUS (libel blogger David Hillman of the Swash Zone). And it was completely authorized with the invitation and permission of hate-stalker Walter James Casper III.

And that's just one example of the hatred that racist Repsac has enabled and encouraged and participated in during his more than five years of utterly deranged harassment of American Power. Nothing is beyond the pale for Casper. Seriously. Carl Salonen? Now Casper's best buddy and top commenter at American Nihilist? Boy, not too worried about situational ethics, I guess. Casper's longtime friendship with Salonen is a ringing endorsement of these kinds of attacks: "Carl Salonen Libelous Workplace Allegations of Child Pornography and Sexual Harassment at Long Beach City College." If anyone should be abandoned maybe Salonen's a good place to start, no? Seems to me if someone's outraged at even the idea of doxing they would express equal outrage at actual cases of workplace harassment and intimidation, where the perpetrator even bullied the Attorney General of California's office in an attempt to have me fired. But no. Such despicable Internet bullies are welcomed open arms at the hate-site American Nihilist. Folks can see why I'm all lulz over racist Repsac's pathetic bawling.

In any case, the transparency of Repsac's "accuse the accusers" tactic is pretty hilarious. As Robert Stacy McCain wrote the other day:
Another characteristic of cyberstalkers is their resort to psychological projection: They are not obsessed with you — no! — you are obsessed with them, and don’t you dare accuse them of harassing you — of course not! — you are instead harassing them. This kind of “accuse the accusers” tactic serves two purposes for the troll: First, it is a psychological rationalization by which he justifies his behavior and, second, it serves to obfuscate the situation in the eyes of law enforcement or other authorities.

Something else: The conflict between Casper and Professor Douglas is not about politics, nor is it about Professor Douglas.

That is to say, Casper’s espousal of left-wing political ideas is not the reason for his behavior, but simply a pretext, and if he weren’t harassing Professor Douglas, he’d be harassing some other target, selected more or less at random. There is, of course, a specific history to the conflict between them, but it is ultimately irrelevant. There are plenty of people every bit as left-wing as Casper who are not obsessive stalkers, and there are other conservative bloggers who might just as easily become targets for stalking, if ever they attracted the attention of such a grotesquely deformed personality as Casper.

Walter James Casper III has spent years smearing and harassing Professor Douglas, trying to get him fired from his job. This could (and in fact, often does) happen to any blogger who has a day job.

To get an idea of the pathetic nature of Casper’s obsession, he has devoted an entire blog, called “American Nihilist,” to his anti-Douglas jihad. In the past six months, that stalker site has attracted an average of about 15 visitors a day. By contrast, Professor Douglas’s blog has averaged nearly 2,000 visitors daily...
Still more at the link.

Walter James Casper's a despicable lying half-wit douchebag --- which is to say, he's a regressive leftist. No one cares what happens to him. He deserves whatever malicious fate awaits him. I couldn't care less, although his predicable political opportunism is hilarious, and you gotta give it up for his moral relativism and situational ethics. I mean really, this whole spiel, "OMG, this is infinity times worse than whatever evil things I've done to Donald Douglas in the past and OMG I can't believe any of Donald's conservative friends would ever again have anything to do with him," is just a little too obvious and just a tiny bit desperate.

Get a life, Casper. I suggest you start by closing up shop at your stalking "jihad" blog American Nihilist, which clearly is the source of all your problems. And after that, get some psychological treatment to deal with all of your clearly acute issues of lying, projection and pathetic victimization. Man, that's just sad.