Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hamsher Rejects Spitzer Resignation, Endorses Legal Prostitution

Well, the partisans are lining up around the Spitzer Client 9 scandal, but frankly at least one of the hard-lefty positions is implacably over the top.

Jane Hamsher not only thinks Spitzer's transgressions don't rate resignation from office, she advocates full-blown legal prostitution, arguing that sexual solicitation laws seek to "make the lives of prostitutes worse":

And for the record, as someone who thinks prostitution should be legal - and that most laws restricting it are written to make the lives of prostitutes worse, not better - I don't plan to be calling for Spitzer's resignation any time soon.
Hamsher's touting the left's culture of death precisely as ABC News reports that a 22 year-old call girl has identified Spitzer as one of her best customers:

A 22-year-old escort found on another call-girl Web site claimed to ABC News in a phone interview that Gov. Eliot Spitzer had been one of her customers two years ago when he was New York attorney general and that he was a nice guy who tipped well.

"He didn't do anything that wasn't clean," she said, adding that she knew who he was because he had made calls from the attorney general's office in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Federal investigators say there is no evidence Spitzer used state money or campaign funds to pay the prostitutes, but that the way he moved an estimated $40,000 through various accounts violated federal money laundering laws.

"These are serious laws and laws that given the amount of money involved here could mean a prison term of 10 to 18 months," Sean O'Shea, a former federal prosecutor specializing in financial crimes, said.

A prison term is one of the issues holding up the governor's resignation as well as whether or not he pleads guilty to criminal charges.

Other than that, lawyers close to the case say New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is prepared to resign and has his letter written.
Obviously it's in Spitzer's interest to work out a plea deal eliminating possible imprisonment, and thus it's at least reasonable to see him holding off on the resignation until he's got a deal.

This process can't be prolonged, however. In the meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for pro-prostitution heel-digging among the Hamsherite screeching nihilists on the far left-wing fringe.

Note too: If Spitzer was a Republican governor I'd be calling for his resignation just as loudly - he needs to go, irrespective of partisan loyalties. There's no room for that behavior, especially while in the public's trust. I can't justify it, and neither should the America-bashing left.