Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terrorists Deliver Severed Fingers to Washington

If you check Memeorandum, there's not one post up on the news of the delivery to Washington of the severed fingers of five hostages in Iraq. This is a very grisly story, and given the increasing desperation of Iraq's terrorist groups, we might as well expect the delivery of decapitated heads.

McClatchy has
the story:

U.S. authorities in Baghdad have received five severed fingers belonging to four Americans and an Austrian who were taken hostage more than a year ago in Iraq, officials here said today.

The FBI is investigating the grisly development, and the families of the five kidnapped contractors have been notified, American officials said on condition of anonymity because only Washington officials are permitted to publicly discuss the matter.

Authorities have confirmed that the fingers belonged to hostages Jonathan Cote, of Gainesville, Fla., Joshua Munns, of Redding, Calif., Paul Reuben, of Buffalo, Minn., Bert Nussbaumer of Vienna, Austria, and Ronald J. Withrow, of Lubbock, Texas.
My hope and prayers go out to the hostages and their families (and I indeed prayer for my fellow Americans before I lay down to sleep).

The depravity of our enemies is unlimited, although left-wing blog coverage of their deeds is defeaningly the opposite.

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