Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Rally of Remembrance: No Ground Zero Mosque

Check Pamela's for late updates on the rally.

AP has the bogus leftist meme for the day: "
Islam Controversies Cast shadow Over 9/11 Events (via JammieWearingFool and Memeorandum). The lead editorial at NYT also continues the meme, although I'll permit myself some conciliation. I disagree that the huge majority of Americans are vilifying Islam. It is good, however, to just step back, take a moment to remember the fallen, and Thank Goodness for our freedoms. Have a good day friends.

Plus, Glenn Reynolds has some thoughts here.

And the latest from NYT, "
At a Memorial Ceremony, Loss and Tension."


dave in boca said...

The Terry McDermott story about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who himself confesses that he clearly was motivated to commit the 911 debacle because of the way, among other absurdities, the US didn't defend Muslims in Bosnia. Huh?

The UNITED NATIONS was responsible for Srebenice, and other eff-ups that unconsciously abetted the Serbian Black Hand militants in Bosnia, not the USA. Indeed, in Kosovo, the US & NATO did an undeclared attack on Serbia opposed by Russia to free Muslims from the Christian grip. KSM also bragged about personally cutting off Daniel Pearl's head. What a mensch!

These degenerate murderers with the support of tens of millions of equally stupid uninformed morons in the Muslim world simply are fools and thugs, and the Islamic world they live in does nothing to stop them, and by sufferance, helps them to achieve their grisly goals. KSM & his nephew Ramzi Sultan simply had a vivid imagination and minds stuffed with hatred. They attacked the US because, as KSM admits, it was an "easier target" than Israel. Cowards and drunks and ladies men, who have enough engineering knowhow to kill innocent people on and with planes.

As an Arabist [State Dept tested 4-4] who has lived among these rich savages, and degenerate "engineers" like Ramzi, were aided and abetted by US judges who released Ramzi on his own "cognizance" in '92 when he arrived in NYC without a passport or papers, and he within weeks got a crew together from the Newark Muslim degenerate pool of circumcised morons, bought equipment and assembled a truck bomb in SIX WEEKS, and was out of the country when the WTC blew.

I wonder where that moron judge is now? Probably working to justify gay marriages.

Tania said...

Looking forward to your rally report!

AmPowerBlog said...

Working on it right now! Will forward!