Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leftist Blogger Equates Christine O'Donnell to Taliban Murderers

There's a post at Down With Tyranny! that's nothing but outrageous. It's not new, since I've reviewed this before, but to consider the thought that anything Christine O'Donnell's ever said is remotely as dangerous as the ideology of jihadi extermination is actually sickening. But this is how the left characterizes its enemies, and the MFM just greases the skids:
The teabaggers, Republicans, republikooks, or whatever we're supposed to call our culture's wackjob element these days are always fine ones to talk about things like "personal liberty" and "taking away our freedoms" but, the Republican nominee for senator from Delaware (who is also an evolution denier) has given us a quick peep at what the Repug set have in store for us in the future if they yank the power of Congress away from the Democrats. They always push it further and further and further. For the Republicans, it's no abortions, no condoms, no birth control of any kind. The kook running against Alan Grayson is opposed to divorces. Their next frontier? No masturbation! No wanking! Will stiff prison sentences be proposed? Who will be checking? Will this require some new "big government" agency with a spanking new building? What will outside columns and the statue in the lobby look like? Expect a rise in juvenile crime. And, of course, Republicans will soon be requiring all women to wear burkas (but don't you dare mention The American Taliban which is so mean to rightists). Who needs crazy Muslim fundamentals when we have plenty of crazy Republican fundamentals right here, right now. Made in America!
Digby thinks it's all hilarious. And God forgive me, but somehow I don't think I'd be bothered to see leftists in these videos. Perhaps they'd take this stuff more seriously if they took the place of folks like Daniel Pearl:


Grizzly Mama said...

"Perhaps they'd take this stuff more seriously if they took the place of folks like Daniel Pearl"

Amen to that.