Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Come to This: Progressives Reduced to Racist Slurs Against American Power

My good friend Matt Cassens suggested I ignore these people. But sometimes you have to stand up to the hatred. It was a bit much, all the nasty and genuinely evil attacks launched at Sadly No! Progressives put up over 1000 comments over there, each seemingly more vile and potentially violent. Readers have seen my responses, so folks know I don't buckle to these empty shells imitating humanity. I noted previously that the Sasquatch blogging initiated at JBW's, and was picked up by BJ Keefe. Even LGM and TBogg joined in. A badge of honor in some respects. Over the target, and all that.

Still, while I'm normally pretty inured to this stuff, it's amazing that after actually attempting to engage Brendan at BJ Keefe in an exchange of ideas, I come back to find
this comment left later at that entry:


My last name is Douglas. My first is Donald. Both Scottish and Gaelic. As my family name, the origins are found on my father's side. But since my father was black, it's likely that Douglas derived from my father's family's slave background. He was born in Missouri and his immediate genealogy going back a few generations included slave ancestors. My father was a proud man. But my father, born in 1913, battled much bigotry in his life. He didn't speak of it often. But at times stories did come out, not unlike stories folks ofter hear of life under Jim Crow. I think it made him bitter, and up until the day he died he never did fully let go of some of it. I'm proud of my background. But my own struggles with racial identity aren't something that I talk about often. There were bouts of bigotry and racism at times (interracial dating is a difficult thing sometimes, for example), but one doesn't achieve the kind of opportunities in life that I've enjoyed except in a place like the United States. I can't imagine my father's bitterness. That pain is absent in me. That said, you do have to deal with the slights and the slurs occasionally. In this case, with The Pale Scot, I'm actually getting a kick out of it --- it's just too exquisite an example of the oh so common racism that resides just under the top layer of most leftists, and is of course out and proud among the Israel-bashing communists and so forth. "The Pale Scot" apparently worships a white supremacist Scottish lineage, and doesn't see a black man as deserving of the title: "howda a swarthy looking fellow like you end with a fine Scottish name Like Douglas? And a Donald to boot!?" And since this is a pseudonym entered at the comment, it could have been any one of Brendan's regular readers who authored it --- or Brendan himself, since he commented two more times at the post without responding to the slur, nor deleting it. Perhaps exDLB or JBW left the comment. They are both haters, and JBW has enjoyed placing me in subordinate monkey photoshops in the past, so who knows? And I don't really care. All of this matters only to the extent of another revelation of progressive evil. I know where I stand on the issues. I know the moral clarity that is my trademark. Such hatred only strengthens me for the fight ahead. Conservatives are turning the tide against the left, showing that ideology for its bankrupt destruction. So stay with me friends and readers. The journey is long, but always rewarding. Fight for the good and God will be trailing at the rear of your battalions. And that's always good to know, my source of supreme righteousness and confidence.


Anonymous said...

What can you do? Haters are gonna hate.

Keep your head up and knock the dirt off your shoulder.

AmPowerBlog said...

I started blogging to fight the lefist hate, King Shamus. All in a days work, friend.

Thanksf or commenting.

bjkeefe said...

For the record:

1. I did not author that comment.

2. I have never had a comment left on my blog by "The Pale Scot" before. While it's true that anyone can post under any handle at any time on my blog, the odds are against that being one of my regular commenters, and in favor of it being someone who visited for the first time because he is interested in you. In fact, given that you, Donald, have spent the better part of a week nursing your grudges with me in public, the most likely explanation for The Pale Scot finding his way to my site was by following a link from one of your posts. The second most likely is that he followed a link put up by someone who was laughing at you (e.g.).

3. I did not care for the content of that comment, but I chose to ignore it. (As a side note, I felt that by answering a comment posted prior to it, while saying nothing about it, would suggest "deafening silence.") I do not feel compelled to engage with every last random person who utters a slur of this nature, because I have found that arguing with people who use skin color as a measure of anything is usually about as productive as arguing with people who think The Left is a single death-loving MarxistStalinistNihilist organism.

4. I do not delete comments on my blog unless they are obvious spam. Leaving them up does not equate to my endorsing them. This is not usually something I have to say explicitly. Most people are smart enough to figure that out on their own. Or are not on a perpetual hunt for things to feel aggrieved about.

AmPowerBlog said...

I just left this comment at Repsac3's hate site. He's deleting responses, so here it is for the record:

"I could have sworn I already commented. Perhaps Reppy's banned AmPow from his hate site attacking AmPow?

One more try, in any case: Will Repsac3 denounce the racism: 'It's Come to This: Progressives Reduced to Racist Slurs Against American Power'?

Plus, bonus find: An American Nihilist groupie responds to the racism by calling me a racist.

All from the evil haters of American Nihilist!!

Dennis said...

By the Left's definition of "racism" is that not an impossibility? Only whites have the "power" to be racists.......... It does seem a little hypocritical and disingenuous.
It is interesting how they make a mockery of their own poor phrased argument.

Cargosquid said...

You're swarthy? Hmph. Who knew?

Or cared?

Louise said...

In Canada, the accusation of "raaaaaaaacism" is normally used to attack white folks who disagree with government policy toward our "First Nations", formerly known as Aboriginal "peoples" and before that Indians.

There's a whole industry built around it. One of the things members of said industry do is admonish Indians who aren't Indian enough. Put simply, it means said Indian is proud, self-reliant and not into playing the victim, consequently, The Industry can't sink its fangs into him and suck his blood for all it's worth. The only good Indian is a victim and if the "victim" isn't willing to take on the roll, by God, the Industry will see to it that he's soon victimized.

Larry Sheldon said...

I have no solution, but I can offer this:

Not everybody agrees with the hateful.

I grieve for the hurt people these people injure but I can only say that you are not alone. Not alone in the way that matters--we are on your side.

Maybe a story that I find sort of funny will help. (Understand that were are white mongrels. My mother was born in Noxapater (Winston County), Mississippi.)

I remember as a kid that there were dirt streets and wooden sidewalks in Noxapater and that when black people met white, the black stepped off the walk to allow the white to pass. When the black people met red people, the red stepped off.

My mother had sisters that I would not visit because I didn't want my kids to hear the filth (bigotry).

There were sometimes discussions (there)about how we might be entitled because we might have indian blood in our ancestry--some of those people declared that they would rather find that we had n..... blood than indian.

But I digress--I don't think any of that is funny. Well, maybe the indian blood thing...

For many years my mother was a School Secretary back in the days when (at least in the Los Angeles City Schools system) the School Secretary ruled. Ruled! (officially all of the "classified" employees--janitors, gardeners, maybe even the librarian reported to her. She, along with all of the "certificated" -- teachers and counselors and such -- reported to the Principal. As a matter of practice, all--including the Principal--reported to her.

Every year she had a dinner at our house for all of the classified employees (and you better have a good reason for not coming--kids and all).

One year, a neighbor woman complained to her about the Head Janitor and other black people in attendance.

She turned on her Sunday-go-to-meeting-best southern accent (which most people never saw) and told the neighbor that if she (my mother) "ever heard of anything like that again, she would sell the place to" the visitor.

(That accent was a problem for me when I was little--she went home (did I mention that we lived in Los Angeles County in California?) to visit every now and again and when she stepped on the little Pullman Porter's stool from the GM and O in Jackson she might have been speaking in tongues for all I knew.

And it was not until she had been home for a week or more that I was confident that I was understanding her again.

Sarge Charlie said...

seems to me they do not have much to do with their time donald, your response was excellent.

Richard K said...

Here's a quote from Woodrow Wilson that I have in the "about" section on my blog that applies well to the individual who called him/herself "The Pale Scot"

"I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking"

Bob Belvedere said...

Regarding your reply, Donald: well-played, sir.

AmPowerBlog said...

Brendan the racist apologist. Your profile says "I am personally responsible for the agony ..." But you are not taking responsiblity. That is typical. You are a hack and a hater. I've engaged you on the issues and you've run away. You project blame when the left's hatred comes too close to home. Pathetic.

bjkeefe said...

My profile also says "View Full Size." That is a link. Click it. (After you click my name to get to my profile.)

This is beyond your ken, no doubt, but others may understand that this something called a "joke."

AmPowerBlog said...

Obviously, personal responsiblity is a joke for you, Brendan. It's all a joke, the hatred, the racism, the mysogyny. All fun and games. No problem though. Like I said, I've got your number now. Classic leftist hater/anti-intellectual. Pathetic.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Checked them out via the link. I would not worry about such offal.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Very motivating and well put, Donald - you're one of the best!

TBogg said...

Drama queen.

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing. I followed the link from your site to the James Webb site and wow, talk about racism. That Webb guy really doesn't seem to like black people all that much. I mean, I guess they're pretty upset about the fact that they're losing so badly, but to show they're true colors that way just seems to be self-defeating.

Dave said...

The race card is the last vestige of the intellectually bankrupt.

Notice how the lefties throw it down at every opportunity.

The regressives have long run out of lipstick to put on their pet pig of communism.


Matt@St.Blogustine said...

I certainly didn't mean for you to ignore all critics all the time...

This was a prime example of a personal attack against you too juicy to ignore. By that I mean that it presented a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on liberal hypocrisy, which you did quite well.

But I would still avoid the pig-pile for lots of reasons, above all that you might mistakenly lend cred to your attacker in responding to them, giving an idiot the kind of attention he/she only dreamed possible on a blog as big as yours.

At least I wouldn't link to them. Let us (the reader) Google if we're that curious. Why help their blog's online presence and status with links? It only helps their rankings. I fell into that trap when I linked to William Ayers during campaign '08, and I regretted it.

One of Michelle Malkin's rules of thumb: "Never feed the ogre."

By the way, thanks for the links to me. You didn't like my 9-11 posts? ;-P

AmPowerBlog said...

All wonderful comments, folks. I appreaciate the support.


American Express just called.

The reactionary leftist's Race Card is overdrawn.

courtneyme109 said...

Bunch of player haters. Forget them