Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mike Malloy, Leftist Talk Radio Host, Slurs Dick Cheney for Engineering 'Worst Attack on This Country Since War of 1812'

Via Chicks on the Right, "Mike Malloy ... should never be dressed in anything other than a straight jacket." And cross-posted from American Power.

Mike Malloy is an Atlanta-based talk radio host. His show used to appear on Air America Radio and he's a contributor at Huffington Post. Thus, there's no doubt of this guy's mainstream left-wing/Democrat Party creds. And that's the thing. How can such vile statements and what's essentially hate speech pass for "liberal" commentary in today's political world. This is absolutely stunning —
9/11 truthers gaining ground on the "mainstream" left. And that's to say nothing of the death chants for the former vice president. Newsbusters has the transcript.


hank_F_M said...

He used to be on the graveyard schedule on WLS in Chicago. He is a very effective host on neutral subjects. He got fired for being rude to callers who disagreed with him on political subjects. The irony being one of his favorite topics was to accuse Rush Limbaugh of being rude to callers who disagree with him. He was routinely far more rude than Mr. Limbaugh has ever been.

You have perhaps heard Mr Limbaugh get easy laughs with a hyperbolically excessive caricature of a typical liberal. It might be a hyperbolically excessive caricature of a typical liberal but it is Mike to a tee.

Well, I don't know to be happy or sad that it is the same old Mike.

AmPowerBlog said...

So hank, basically you're endorsing 9/11 trutherism?

That's not good.

hank_F_M said...

NO!. I am not endorsing trutherism. I have no use for that *&($%(.

I was just having a little fun at Mike Malloy’s expense.