Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrew Sullivan on Failure of DADT Repeal

I rarely read Sullivan anymore. He's an afterthought, really. But clicking on his link right now at Memeorandum I find an interesting bit of drama, frankly. The video's a year old, but it's a change of pace worth sharing at the least. He's certainly articulate, not to mention passionate. "The gay community has been betrayed by its leadership," he warns. I favor repeal, so that puts me on the same side as Sully on this issue. I probably can't put in another good word for him, however. So, for what it's worth, "McCain Wins On DADT":

I think this could be a huge deal for the relationship between gay voters and the Democratic party. Over 75 percent of the public wants the ban ended, and yet even when the Democrats control both Houses and have a president opposed to the policy, they failed to end it in two years. Why? Because, sadly, it was not a real priority; and because the main lobby group, the Human Rights Campaign, is so enmeshed in the Democratic party establishment, it has no clout at all.
RELATED: Joe.My.God is alleging that a staffer in Senator Saxby Chambliss' office left a comment at the blog saying "all faggots must die." Obviously not good, if true, although something feels just too neat about this story, and considering how far lefties will go to destroy conservatives, I'm waiting 'till all the facts are in.