Monday, September 27, 2010

GOP Taps Tough-On-Immigration Hispanics in Fall Campaigns

A deep lineup of Hispanic Republicans is running for high office this year, giving the party new avenues to court the growing bloc of Latino voters who have largely deserted the GOP in recent years but will be crucial in the 2012 presidential election.

In a twist, many of these candidates are defending the strict, new Arizona law and other measures cracking down on illegal immigration—appealing to white conservatives and to the portion of Hispanic voters who share concerns about border security.

In Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and elsewhere, GOP candidates with names like Martinez, Rubio and Sandoval are staking out tough immigration views.

"There is a stereotype that Hispanics must be in favor of different policies than I am expressing, and that's not what I'm finding at all," said New Mexico GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez, who would be the country's first elected female Hispanic governor.

Ms. Martinez, a prosecutor, has aired television ads in which she stands at the border and promotes her record convicting criminals who sneaked in from Mexico. She promises to end state laws that she says make it easy for illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat, is stepping down due to term limits.

The three most prominent Hispanic Republicans on the ballot in November—Florida U.S. Senate hopeful Marco Rubio, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval, and Ms. Martinez—are leading in polls and performing well among Hispanic voters. Hispanic GOP House candidates in Florida, Texas and Washington are presenting a similarly conservative agenda.

Within the Republican Party, some strategists see the unusually large number of major Hispanic GOP candidates as key to correcting a misstep in the party's outreach to the nation's fastest-growing voter bloc. Many Hispanics are attracted by the GOP's opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

When ex-President George W. Bush made an effort to win Hispanic voters, his share of that electorate rose to 40% in 2004, from the 34% he won in 2000.
The trick will be for conservatives to highlight the racism and anti-Americanism that's inherent to the hard-left Democrat-Hispanic agenda. Get a few more folks like Loretta Sanchez speaking out against other minorities on the record, and fair-minded pro-American Hispanics will bolt the Democrat Party.

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Dennis said...

It should not be hard to understand that there are large numbers of Hispanic citizens of this country that love this country and all it has to offer. They worked and played by the rules and have added immensely to the strengths of this country. They are not unlike their fellow countrymen who are tired of seeing those who do not live by the rules "steal" from them.
At some point even a bigoted "media" will begin to understand this fact of life. I hope they all do well for we could not ask for better representatives.
I know I will be voting for one of them, not because they are a GOP candidates, not because they happen to be Hispanic, but because I like them as people and what they espouse.
They truly represent what this country is as a nation.