Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change! Health Insurers Drop Coverage for Children Ahead of ObamaCare

At The Hill (via Memeorandum):


Health plans in at least four states have announced they're dropping children's coverage just days ahead of new rules created by the healthcare reform law, according to the liberal grassroots group Health Care for America Now (HCAN).

The new healthcare law forbids insurers from turning down children with pre-existing conditions starting Thursday, one of several reforms Democrats are eager to highlight this week as they try to build support for the law ahead of the mid-term elections. But news of insurers dropping their plans as a result of the new law has thrown a damper on that strategy and prompted fierce push-back from the administration's allies at HCAN.

The announcement could lead to higher costs for some parents who are buying separate coverage for themselves and their children at lower cost than the family coverage that's available to them.
And the HCAN thugs are mad? Costs drive behavior. Businesses want to stay in business. The administration's commie-care health plan is driving firms out of the market. Simple as that.

More details at WaPo, "
Major health insurers to stop offering new child-only policies."


Steve said...

I guess I'm a racist, uneducated, bigoted, stupid American. I love those editorial cartoons from IBD. I make it a point to read their editorial page every day if I can.

I always suspected that the real reason behind Obamacare is to bankrupt the health insurance industry in order for the government to take it over.