Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Loves Gangsta Rap

Well, yeah.

Lil Wayne doin' time for
attempted weapons possession, yo! And some lefty lamebrains have issues? You mean, it's RAAAAACIST!! to be snarkin' dat POTUS BE DOWN WID DE FATTY BLUNTS AND MENTHOLS, MOFO CRACK PIPE AND GANGSTA RAP? (That's paraphrasing Fox Nation, before anyone gets uptight about it — hilarious, if you ask me!)

She's on fire
Put her out, as a matter of fact, take her out
Got on my knees and asked my lord to keep me clear from the devil cause my girl
She's on fire

Yeaaa, And everything is so cool
I want them back shots
I said shorty let me play up in them matchbox
shorty she’s on fire,
shorty let a n-gga rub this stick cos this a matchbox,
she’s steaming, she’s screaming,
she’s she’s screaming
she’s feinding I redeem it
I get between it, like her, like her,

now hit me,
now shes on fire,
Yeahh, I let the steam blow, yeah
but everything is cool...

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american said...

Racist asshole

It took you a couple seconds to delete this.

Didn't it shitbird?

AmPowerBlog said...

Hey, buddy ... come and call me racist to my face. I'm tired of you troll fuckers, so man up. I'm calling you out.

jim said...

Answer: yes, it's racist. That you even need to ask is symptomatic of a severe mental defect.

By the way, please, keep it up - because all the disgusting garbage like this coming frrom people like you is doing a lot more to help Obama than his own party is right now.

AmPowerBlog said...

Jim: No, it's not racist. You have a severe mental defect. Racism infers racial inferiority, hence white supremacism. I do not think Barack Obama is inferior to me, and I am not white. My father and I used to talk to each other using urban slang. You wanna call that a "black thang"? That's fine with me, but it's not racist. As for Fox Nation, attack them as racist all you want. I never did see the entire post. Maybe the comments were racist, just like the comments that all the leftists leave at Sadly No! and BJ Keefe blog. It's sick. So, I'm calling you out as well. Say it to my face or STFU.