Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Digby Says F*** The Taliban

And that's the American Taliban, for the record.

Responding to the Fact Check rebuttal to
Rep. Alan Grayson's vile campaign ad this week, Digby writes:
At this point in the United States it is permissible for Republicans to attack Democrats as treasonous, Godless/Muslim socialists and compare them to Hitler and Stalin but Democrats are only allowed to attack Republicans for their differences in policy. Can we see the asymmetry here? Is it any surprise that they have dominated politics for the past 30 years? Sure, every once in a while there are moments when their act gets old and the nation will look for hope and change rather than fear and loathing, but let's just say that their willingness (and institutional support) will give them the advantage most of the time.
It's a long post, so read the rest. Digby digs up some obscure religious explication to rebut the Fact Check rebuttal. In other words, Republican Daniel Webster really is an American Taliban!