Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hamas-Linked CAIR Suing to Stop Oklahoma's Anti-Sharia Law

At Jihad Watch:

The Hamas-linked Islamic supremacists of CAIR here implicitly acknowledge, as Pamela Geller points out here, that Islam and Sharia are essentially inseparable -- otherwise they wouldn't be able to call Oklahoma's ballot measure an "anti-Islam" amendment. They will mount this challenge on the claim that it outlaws things like halal meat and personal Muslim prayer, but that is unlikely to succeed, since those things don't actually constitute the use of a law other than American law to legislate for Americans.

In any case, the Hamas-linked thugs of CAIR have overreached yet again, because this suit, if it goes ahead, will provide ample opportunity to prove to the general public that stonings, amputations, the oppression of women, the death penalty for apostates, and other oppressive measures are intrinsic to Sharia. But CAIR is in a hard place with this one: if they don't challenge Oklahoma's measure, the whole stealth jihad agenda could be thwarted. If they do, it could be exposed. They must be counting on their stooges and useful idiots in the government and mainstream media to do a lot of heavy lifting for them on this one.

And at WSJ, "Oklahoma Is Sued Over Shariah Ban."