Friday, November 19, 2010

How Far on TSA Opposition?

Two essays for your consideration: At POWIP, "Disagreeing with Ace on Body Scanners, Pat Downs," and AoSHQ, "Is America Freaking Out Too Much Over Naked Body Scans?"

I'd much rather not have the dweebs at TSA touchin' my junk. On the other hand, I keep thinkin' that one of these days an Abdulmutallab wannabe's gonna actually pull it off. I've listened to my students discuss this all week as well. A couple of them recently had full body scans while traveling. They're mostly okay with it, and they hope to remind folks that it's been almost 10 years since September 11th --- and we sometimes forget how dangerous things can be. That said, I have a hard time lining up with Ron Paul on just about anything. Seriously, that's practically a clincher:

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Dan Collins said...

Thanks, Donald. ;-)