Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leftist Jews and the 'Dual Loyalty' Smear Against Eric Cantor

Not enough time to blog everything, obviously. Not only that, I'm cutting back a bit on the high-powered political blogging. But this controversy surrounding incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor caught my attention. Cantor's Jewish. I can't imagine he'll ever be able to make any forceful statement on the protection of Israel without being attacked as a shill for "genocide." But the GOP's still weeks from taking power in the House, so the left's out of the gate pretty quick with the smears. Think Progress slammed Cantor earlier, "In An ‘Unusual’ Meeting, Cantor Tells Netanyahu The GOP Majority ‘Will Serve As A Check’ On Obama’s Israel Policy." That was followed by a round of attacks from the usual self-hating lefist Jews, as reported by William Jacobson, "Why Do Leftist Jewish Bloggers Love The Dual Loyalty Smear?"

I left a comment earlier. I'm always blown away by Mondoweiss, and this morning's
no exception:

As I've reported earlier, "Philip Weiss met with Hamas terrorists last year, at an event co-sponsored by Code Pink and Norman Finkelstein. That gives a pretty good idea how far out these people are, enemies even."


Mick said...

Yet you seem to ignore the real constitutional question involving Dual Allegiance, as does Althouse, Volokh, Tribe, and Turley.
How can a Natural Born Citizen of the US, eligible to be POTUS, be born w/ dual allegiance
(and possibly to this day) to Britain? Those of Jewish descent have the opportunity to claim Jewish Citizenship by statute. Natural Born Citizen is a construct of our Federal Common Law (Natural Law), which requires singular allegiance at birth (i.e one is born in the US of 2 US Citizen parents).
Tribe knows Obama is not eligible, since he defined Natural Born Citizern, as "one born Within the Territory and ALLEGIANCE of a Nation." at the Resolution 511 hearings.
Have you all been threatened to shut up? Are you that afraid of the "birther" epithet?

Dennis said...

It is always interesting to me how quickly the Left turns into that which they say they despise. Bigotry by any other name is still bigotry. Suddenly one cannot be woman enough, black enough, Jewish enough et al. It is what happens when one's philosophy divides people into groups, which is bigotry no matter the rationalization, instead of individuals.
As I have stated the Left is/are the real bigots for their ideas can lead in no other direction. I have to wonder how people who so readily put people into categories seem not to recognize what that action represents. What we are does not determine what manner of thoughts and ideas that we postulate, the principles we maintain or use as a guide to living life.
To treat people as a group identity instead of an individual is the personification of evil. This is what the Left always attempts to do. It allows them to commit unspeakable horrors on others with the knowledge of their own superiority, at least in their eyes. It should not be lost on anyone how quickly the Left moves to violence.
One can only hope that many of them will mature to the point of understanding what their philosophy actually represents. It is the difference between us that we would hope they mature and that they would kill us if they thought they had the wherewithal to do it. Truly the Left is the "Dark Side."