Sunday, November 7, 2010

Opposing ObamaCare is Bigoted Asshattery!!

Well, I'm up to a trifecta at this point.

Here's yet another tweet, from Olby-Obama cultist
Matt Osborne:


I've seen this guy around the 'sphere. His page is "Osborne Ink." Here's a sample: "They Are The Fear They Want Us To Feel."

If You Oppose ObamaCare You're RAAAAACIST and UNEDUCATED!!", and "If You Tweet Your Opposition to ObamaCare You're REALLY RAAAAACIST!!"

And what the heck, follow me on Twitter:


Matt Osborne said...

You're erecting a straw man. Opposing health insurance reform doesn't make you a bigot; carrying a bigoted sign, wearing a bigoted shirt, or saying something bigoted makes you a bigot. Words have meanings.

AmPowerBlog said...

What sign am I waving, Matt? Yeah, words have meaning. I think you should apologize for yours.

Dennis said...

I have made the point several times that I rather enjoy the Left's name calling, use of pejoratives, et al. The more they act in this manner the more they alienate. For one thing it does not work. The more names you call people the less they pay attention to it. "If I can do no right then your opinion is of no value to me."
The question for the Left is, "How is all the name calling, pejoratives, et al working out for you?" It would seem that the midterm elections kind of demonstrated the folly of these techniques.
Most of this just demonstrates that the Left lacks the intellectual capacity to present a well reasoned argument for their so 19th century ideas that have a record of failing every where they were tried.
I hope, dare I say demand, they keep doing the same things. As "Brer Rabbit said, "Please don't throw me into the brier patch."
A clue, never underestimate the capabilities and capacities of your opponent. They are neither as dumb as you think they are or are you as smart as you think you are.
An aside it does seem that organized carbon trading is about to close its doors.

AmPowerBlog said...

I had some fun with it, Dennis, although this particular batch of lefties wasn't too smart. :)

Dennis said...

There are some very intelligent Liberals, but there are few Leftist that are up to the task. I make a very clear distinction between the two. The intelligent Liberal, not those who have co opted the term, will avoid Leftists as much as they can.
Happily Leftists never understand that anger et al only demonstrates failure and impairs one's ability to think cogently.
Keep up the good work.