Monday, November 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Would 'Make the Sacrifices' and Run for President

At Los Angeles Times:
The former governor of Alaska predicts Tuesday's vote will serve as a rebuke to President Obama as well as the GOP establishment ...

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She's going to run. She's done almost everything right since she stepped down as Alaska governor. And this has the establishment freaked out, as the lead story tonight at Politico indicates, "
Next for GOP Leaders: Stopping Palin." Also at Memeorandum.

I tweeted my thoughts earlier, but Conservatives4Palin have a great response:
Rather than being fearful for the effects of the Obama agenda, the GOP Establishment appears to have a greater fear of Palin nomination and the "wrath" of "enthralled" Palin supporters. The GOP Establishment deems that nominating Governor Palin in 2012 would spell disaster. However, for whom would a Palin nomination be a disaster? The GOP Establishment? One of the GOP boys: Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Thune, Barbour, Daniels? President Obama? The 2010 primaries have already given the Establishment reason to be "fearful" of "conservative grass-roots activists". Such grassroots, conservative campaigns and candidates gave people like Rand Paul, Joe Miller, and Christine O'Donnell their respective nominations.


Donald Sensing said...

That Sarah Pail should be the Republican nominee in 2012 is just a stunning admission that the party is out of ideas and out of people to carry them. Of course, this may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious.

I oppose Palin for president not to preserve the GOP's old-boy network or the GOP Establishment, but simply because she is every bit as spectacularly unqualified for the office as Obama was (and still is, for that matter).

Yes, I know that it was argued in 2008 that she was actually more qualified for the presidency than Barack Obama, to say nothing of the vice-presidency. At least, said her apologists, she's actually been in charge of something. And while it was true, it was also irrelevant. Surely we have not, I pray, reached the point in our polity where who is the least unqualified is the new criterion for, perversely, being qualified!

I laid all this out in July 2009, and nothing Palin has done or said since has led me to reconsider.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for commenting, Donald. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Let's deal with Mr. Sensing's objections in order:

1. Well yes. The GOP is rather hopeless. Ideally we'd let Palin temper a bit more before sending her out to war, but the rest are even less qualified than she is. At least she has the right views and temperment. Or as was said about George Washington...he has a second rate mind, but a first rate temperment.

2. Incorrect. She is considerably more qualified than Obama. She has more experience, more success, and she's just a lot tougher. Face facts, Reverend Sensing, she's a lot tougher than many of the Marines you respect, and thats no slam on Marines either. For David Weber fans, I suspect she's becoming 'the Salamander', a creature that seeks the hottest part of the fire and thrives there.

3. Yes, we have reached that point. What with corruption, weakness of character, unconservative viewpoints, and all the rest, we have reached that point.

Or as Maggie Thatcher said in regards to her cabinet....I sought for twelve good men, strong and true. I rarely found them.

And that in a nation of tens of millions of supposed men.

Let me step back a sentence to the point about destroying the GOP Establishment. I hope we can agree that this would be a good thing. The GOP needs desperate reformation. And Palin's previous experience with the Corrupt Bastard's Club in Alaska is a good indicator of the terror that is coming for those in Washington.

When the wicked are cast down, the righteous rejoice.

I finally find your unwillingness to see the toughening and tempering she has undergone in the media gauntlet over the last year a sad thing.


Ritchie The Riveter said...

But having politicians admit that they are out of ideas is PRECISELY what We the People are calling for!

We tire of those who deign to save us from ourselves ... the experts, the Best and Brightest who are, in practice, Dim Bulbs who don't recognize that they are incapable of solving so many of the problems they are trying to solve FOR us.

We want them to return first, to the ideas they should already know ... that they should stick to the few one-size-fits-all areas of governance that their institutions are designed to handle, and make sure that the 300 million problem-solvers in this nation have the authority and keep the resources to solve the individual-specific ones ourselves, or with each other's cooperation.

Not by the force of law, imposed by a few with delusions of omniscience.