Friday, June 22, 2012

Bloggers Defense Team Goes After the Left's Criminal Harassment Network

This just in, from Ladd Ehlinger: "Dest Defense is Offense."

And following the links takes us to Bloggers Defense Team, "Defending Free Speech Against Lawfare And SWATting."
DB Capitol Strategies, in partnership with Right Solutions, a 501c3 public charity, is building a nationwide team of lawyers to defend the victims and taking the fight to Kimberlin. To win this battle in courtrooms around the country, we need your support. We’ve fired the first salvo in defense of Aaron Walker by filing a federal lawsuit against Kimberlin and seeking an injunction to prevent the state from arresting an American exercising his right to free speech. This is only the first step. We are committed to helping Aaron Walker and others expose Kimberlin and his well-funded allies in their efforts to silence their foes.

JOIN US in this fight!
There's a Paypal link at the post, which folks might want to make note of, as many are suspicious of the motives of Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club.

And check out Aaron Worthing as well:
The full post is here: "A Victory For the Free Expression Coming?"

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