Friday, June 22, 2012

The Lies of Scott Eric Kaufman — Leftist Hate-Blogger Sought to Silence Criticism With Libelous Campaign of Workplace Harassment

ICYMI, here's yesterday's entry: "Scott Eric Kaufman Hates Smokin' Hot Babes — And Negotiated Legal Agreements Too, Apparently." And here's the relevant post at Lawyers, Guns and Money: "Because really important news always involves bikinis."

Hopefully this will be the only update, but SEK continues to lie about everything that went down previously, so as usual, I need to get this out for the record. It's all lies. You have to fight the endless stream of malicious progressive lies.

Scott Erik Kaufman
SEK has posted a purported "order of operations" in response to commenters. This so-called order of operations is the basis for all of the libelous allegations that both he and Carl Salonen have made. Read the lies here. I'll state the facts:

1) I wrote in 2009 that I used to occasionally use an ACADEMIC BLOG POST as a lecture launcher in class. And IN THE PAST, I placed my blog's URL in the syllabus. But shortly thereafter I stopped making any reference to my blog in writing or in class, because people like Erik Kain had launched campaigns of workplace intimidation at my college.

2) In 2010, SEK began a series of attacks alleging that I had "festooned my virtual office" with pictures of "scantily-clad" women, and that created a hostile work environment for my female students. (This kind of stuff is an obsession, obviously.) By this time, after Erik Kain tried to get me fired, I had already met with my vice president of academic affairs. Blogging WASN'T A PROBLEM for my college, but I chose to no longer make reference to the blog in class. This is a matter of record. In February 2010, libel-blogger David Hillman launched his campaign of workplace harassment, alleging that I was "racist." At that time I had then met with the college's vice president of human resources, who handles civil rights and sexual harassment complaints. It turns out now that BLOGGING COULD BE A PROBLEM, not because any student complained, but because progressives with absolutely no business at the college filed false allegations of racism and sexism.

3) I kept blogging as usual, and in May 2010 I noticed the SEK was awarding points to students in his classes who used profanity in their work. This practice --- awarding class credit for profanity --- is highly inappropriate, in my opinion, and it's clearly not good teaching practice. SEK thought he could blow this off as if I'd caught him "cursing." See: "Busted!" Seeing that, I called bullshit in a follow-up: "Scott Eric Kaufman ASFL!!" As I noted at the entry:


Only the dolts at LGM would fall for Scott Eric Kaufman's witless dodge, "Busted!" 

And since Scott's a member in good standing of the left's Israel-bashing ASFL cadres, I'll spell it out for the idiots: It's not SEK's deployment of f**king profanity, but his AWARDING students college credit for vulgar language, which for the assignment in question replaced anything remotely requiring hard thinking. In other words, that's sh*tty instruction, if folks catch my drift."

4) Clearly alarmed, SEK decided to take action. Note that he'd previously claimed that he wasn't "actually petty enough" to file sexual harassment complaints (ain't that a laugh riot). But I had drawn blood pointing out his hypocrisy, and SEK apparently had plans to hit the job market for a full-time academic position. He planned on going balls out at the Modern Language Association's annual conference (and I use "balls out" loosely here) and he couldn't afford me blogging about him any longer. So what could he do to protect his job market prospects? He could launch a campaign of lies designed to intimidate and harass me at my workplace. SEK submitted his letter to my department chairman on June 3, 2011 --- exactly 10 days after he'd posted his stupid "Busted!" post. (And ICYMI, the letter of complaint is here.)

5) That's the factual record, not this bullshit "order of operations" SEK's been claiming. The f-ker attacked me because I had blogged the truth about him --- and THAT WAS THREATENING. The timing of his complaint to my college is no coincidence. And I thus ended up dealing with legal issues for the remainder of summer 2011, and of course entered into a (bogus) legal arrangement to stand down from blogging about him. But now it turns out that SEK was locked out of the academic job market --- he apparently can't find a full-time position in the current down-market --- so he's apparently decided to leave academe altogether, or he's at least abandoned any hope of become a tenure-track professor. That's why he's felt free to violate any purported legal agreement to stand down --- he's got no prospects on the tenure-track and any past agreements don't mean jack.

Now, recall that I've had about a half-dozen episodes of left-wing assholes contacting my college in a sustained effort to silence me with threats of loss of employment. That's why I'm extremely firm on my contention that the whole Brett Kimberlin controversy is indeed a partisan fight. And while I agree in principle that it's a matter of free speech, I contend that progressives hold entirely different conceptions of what the First Amendment should protect --- and from that follows Democrat-progressive policy commitments to repeal free speech provisions for conservative political advocacy. It's as simple as that. The Kimberlin affair is of a natural piece of the left's ideological commitments. Conservatives need to think clearly about this point.

And despite the claims of racist ringleader Walter James Casper (commenting at LGM), my battles with the left are intimately related to the attacks to which folks like Aaron Worthing and Robert McCain have been subjected. As Mandy Nagy wrote on Twitter last night:
Mandy wrote a blockbuster piece on the Kimberlin network in 2010: "Flashback: Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist." Since that time Mandy's life has been a never-ending nightmare of intimidation, harassment, and threats to her safety. And over the last year, Mandy's been a source of encouragement for me in standing my ground against the left, as has Robert Stacy McCain, who wrote about the left's attacks on Amy Alkon early last year: "Carl Salonen & the Left-Wing Trolls Who Smeared ‘Advice Goddess’ Amy Alkon."

I continue to blog the Kimberlin story, and contribute financially, because I personally know what it's like to have a target on your back. And most of all, I know from personal experience that the left will do anything to stop good people from speaking the truth. It's a simple matter concerning the freedom to blog, as Michelle Malkin has pointed out. Progressives are being beaten badly, online and at the ballot box. And violence and threats of violence and intimidation against conservatives are escalating by the day. But conservatives are rallying. As Ladd Ehlinger pointed out today, "The Best Defense is Offense." To see where that began, recall Aaron Worthing's post from May 17th: "Summary/Preview of my Post 'How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime (And How You Can Help!)'."

For more information, see: "Bloggers Defense Team Goes After the Left's Criminal Harassment Network."

TOP PHOTO CREDIT: Ralph Nowell, SEK's father-in-law.