Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dana Loesch Withdraws Support for Todd Akin

She's been fighting almost a one-woman battle for Akin. And she's from Missouri, knows local politics, and has talked with the candidate personally.

Check Dana's Twitter feed for updates.


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Akin's dug in. The question now is whether the GOP can force him off the ballot? If he goes, will that help? And if he stays, can he beat McCaskill? She's not well liked in Missouri.

I think the whole thing sucks. But if Akin's a shitty candidate, my sense is that it's up to the voters to decide, not the party bureaucrats.

CNN's reporting that abortion's now becoming a key issue for the GOP, so I doubt that an Akin exit from the race will make this go away or make things better for the national ticket. The left has been running on social issues for a while so it's no surprise they'll keep hammering on 'em. Perhaps #RomneyRyan can get the focus back on the economy. Even Mitt's called on Akin to go, "Mitt Romney calls for Rep. Akin to drop out."