Saturday, August 11, 2012

Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos Rage Boy, Vows to 'Go for the Jugular', to 'Shove Reality Down the GOP's Throats' and 'Run Up the Score'

And to think just last year the Democrats were all about promoting civility.

I guess that's out the window by now.

Kos Rage, Photo Credit: Vanity Fair
Here's Markos 'Rage Boy' Moulitsas, "We are winning":
Democrats are campaigning with a swagger, having fun. They know they've got the advantage. Republicans are in genuine disarray (release the tax returns! Don't release the tax returns!), trying to back a candidate they despise while keeping a lid on the Tea Party crazies.

We need to go for the jugular, destroy Romney's chances. Down-ballot Republicans will suffer without a strong candidate at the top—particularly one that reinforces every negative element of the Republican brand. Just look to 2008 for inspiration, except Romney doesn't even have a compelling personal story or a shred of heroism. Romney is on the ropes, with just one more chance to bolster his standing—his convention. The same convention Donald Trump insists he'll speak at. And Rick Santorum. And Ron Paul. And Sarah Palin. And Herman Cain. Good luck with that, Mittens.

Our job: To run up the score. I know some of you like to talk about acting like we're 10 points down. I guess that's supposed to be motivational, but if we're 10 points down, I'm like "screw it" and focus on more promising prospects. Did you work extra hard in 2010 when we were actually down 10 points? I didn't think so. Instead, Republicans ran up their margins as depressed Dems conceded the cycle and sat out the election.

We need to embrace reality and shove reality down the GOP's throats. Because yeah, we are ahead, objectively so. We're winning and we've got to own it. They can whine about biased polls and biased media and biased everything that doesn't conform to their little Fox News bubble world, all the while we do the work necessary to seal the deal.

When he has the lead, Peyton Manning doesn't pretend he's losing. He sets out to crush his opponent's spirit by running up the score. Like this horse. The best defense is a good offense. We now protect our lead by going on the attack.
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I'll hazard a guess that this'll be Daily Rage Boy's meme until election day. More here, "Obama is winning. Period."

But, frankly, I wouldn't get cocky. Incumbents with approval ratings below 50 percent generally don't win reelection. Obama's at 45 percent nationally, and acccording to John Fund, O's getting 49 percent in Michigan and he's at 47 percent in Maine and Oregon. Check the link. Fund notes that:
Right now, if Obama swept all the states where he is at or above 50 percent job approval he would win 185 Electoral College votes. He will have to do a lot better than that in November to win the necessary 270 electoral votes.

But maybe Markos doesn't think that reality is worth attempting to shove down's the GOP's throats.

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