Saturday, August 18, 2012

Respect Women! Dress Up Like a Vagina for Equal Rights!

Vaginas vote! Make your uterus heard!

Yeah, way to respect women!

Here's this from Allison Sesso on Twitter:

Allison Sesso on Twitter

More at Twitchy, "Code Pink members attend We Are Woman rally in vagina costumes."

And endorsed by sex-starved Sandra Fluke:

With the obvious reply from RedGalBlueState:

No Memeorandum thread yet, or a post at The Other McCain. Robert's much funnier than I am, so I'll bug him to run an off-season "Offend a Feminist" entry. The punch lines practically write themselves. And seriously, if you call folks like Medea Benjamin the "C" word now, you won't be far off.

RELATED: "Jodie Evans is Barack Obama's Code Pink Liaison to Taliban Insurgents."

Added: From Amy Alkon, "Also Don't Go to a Job Interview Dressed As a Giant Penis." That might be good advice.

More: From Blue Crab Boulevard, "In the first sign that the Fukushima nuclear disaster may be changing life around it, scientists say they’ve found mutant butterflies."