Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stockholm and the Information Battlespace

Pamela fights for freedom in Sweden, and confronts neo-fascism and a left-wing media apparatus willingly aiding it.

At Atlas Shrugs, "Anna Ringstrom of Reuters: Freedom Equals Racism."
First of all, we were "outnumbered" because we had to conduct our rally surrounded by police vans and police in riot gear -- not because we were violent, but because of the bloodthirsty leftist hoodlums who were screaming their bloodlust and doing everything they could to break through the police lines and do physical harm to the freedom fighters present. Many people told us they were afraid to come, or they'd get fired if they came. Some told us afterward that they wanted to come but couldn't get through the leftist hooligans and the police. So then Reuters reports this as our rally being "outnumbered" -- as if there was simply no interest. Yet when we had tens of thousands at Ground Zero to stand for freedom against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque, they ignored it or severely underreported the attendance. Anything to defame our freedom movement.
Pamela Geller

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