Tuesday, October 23, 2012

British Bride-to-Be Snubbed by Stoke Park Hotel as Wrong 'Type of People' is Adult Star on 'Red Light Central TV'

An amazing story.

I saw this the other day and thought it interesting, at Telegraph UK, "Not the right 'type of people': Bride and groom 'humiliated' after wedding email blunder":
A bride-to-be was left “humiliated” after trying to book an exclusive hotel for her £10,000 dream wedding, and instead receiving an email saying she and her fiance were not the right "type of people".
But now here's the update, "Bride-to-be snubbed in 'wrong type of people' hotel row is part-time glamour model":
When a five-star hotel sent Pauline Bailey an email saying that she and her fiancĂ© were “not the type of people we want here”, she pointed to her partner’s pierced eyebrow as a possible explanation for the snub.

It emerged yesterday that Miss Bailey, 27, had not been entirely forthcoming about her own background while insisting that she and Paul Carty, 51, were “a respectable, middle-class, hard-working, well-educated couple”.

Although Miss Bailey does, as she pointed out, have a master’s degree in medical law and plans to study for a PhD, she failed to mention that she also works part-time as a glamour model on a late-night soft-porn television channel.

Calling herself “Rachel T”, she wears skimpy outfits as she takes live premium-rate phone calls from men watching her on Red Light Central TV.

Miss Bailey, from Luton, had described herself as “mortified” to receive the email from the wedding planner at the Stoke Park Hotel in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire. She said that she and Mr Carty were left feeling like “undesirables” after Michele Connelly accidentally forwarded the message, in which she asked her boss how she could “put off” their wedding.

Yesterday, Miss Bailey confirmed that she had been working as a glamour model for five years.
Not to be outdone, London's Daily Mail has photos, "The bride who's not exactly blushing! Law graduate snubbed by wedding hotels turns out to be star of adult TV."

Well, I guess it pays to follow up on those intriguing news reports!