Thursday, June 27, 2013

ABC News Blows Wad at #DOMA Ruling

I noticed Terry Moran on Tuesday going ape sh*t over how big --- BIG! --- was the Court's Voting Rights Act ruling.

At MRC, "ABC's Terry Moran Thrilled Over Gay Rulings: 'Poetic' 'Declaration' for 'Equal Dignity'":

A smiling Terry Moran made little effort to contain his excitement on Wednesday, hyping the Supreme Court's pro-gay marriage decisions as "poetic" and a "declaration" for "equal dignity." During live coverage, Moran and other journalists kept cutting to California, touting the cheering and celebrations there.

Minutes after the Court struck down key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act, Moran thrilled, "And there is ringing language in here affirming the equal dignity and the equal rights of gay Americans under federal law." The grinning journalist said of Justice Anthony Kennedy's opinion, "He wrote one case in language that is almost poetic in its embrace and affirmation of equal status."
More at that top link, and see, "ABC: Screw Objectivity, We're For Gay Marriage; GMA Hosts Celebrate On-Air."

Well, we don't have an objective press anymore, if we ever did.