Thursday, June 27, 2013

Senate Passes Immigration Reform

Laura Ingraham tweeted Sen. Jeff Sessions' "courageous" opposition to this shamnesty clusterf-k, seen at the clip.

And at NYT, "Immigration Overhaul Passes in Senate: 68-32 Vote Sends Bill to House, Where Odds Are Longer." (Via Memeorandum.)

More video here and here.

And more news at Memeorandum.

I can't imagine Speaker Boehner would even contemplating violating the Hastert bill on this, and somewhere earlier on Twitter I read that he's not even planning to bring the Senate bill to a vote in the House.

Other measures are planned, though, so it's never a good idea to rest easy. Folks should call their congressional representatives to make sure these people know how much grassroots opposition is out there. #StopAmnesty.

Added: I just saw this on Twitter, at National Review, "Comprehensive Rejection: House Republicans give the Senate’s immigration bill short shrift."